In India we have specialists as well as latest technology, necessary to treat a wide range of orthopaedic problems. Common one’s can be treated effectively like arthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, dislocated joints, bone spurs, chronic back pain, herniated lumbar discs, and sports injuries. Common surgical treatments are elbow, knee, and hip arthroplasty – a process where an arthritic or dysfunctional joint is replaced or remodeled. World class facilities, doctors and technology is available at our disposal for these treatments. We provide extensive choice for our customers to choose the procedure and location for orthopaedic treatments. The popular orthopaedic surgeries in India are:


The common problems in knee are due to infection, injury or arthritis depending on the nature of problem. Sometimes rehabilitation can treat the pain and occasionally surgeries are required. Knee Replacement is a procedure in which the parts of the bones that rub together are resurfaced with metal and plastic implants. Hi-tech instruments are used to remove the damaged parts and replaced with implants. Generally, older people require these but younger ones suffering from trauma or disease like rheumatoid arthritis may also require it.

. Femoral component (made of a highly polished strong metal)

. Tibial component (made of a durable plastic often held in a metal tray)

. Patellar component (also plastic)

Joint Replacement

This surgery, is a procedure of orthopaedic surgery in which the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopaedic prosthesis.It is a common surgery for knees and hips replaced most often. In recent decades the replacement of a joint with a prosthesisare most successful and common. The purpose of doing this surgery is to relieve pain, to restore range of motion and to improve walking ability, leading to the improvement of muscle strength. Joint Replacements in India are undertaken in Hi-Tech modular operating theatres with ultra-sterile conditions. Focusing on post-operative pain relief and early discharge from the facility, Indian hospitals, have been able to achieve excellent clinical outcomes, with excellent patient satisfaction. They also offer a unique option for uni-compartmental knee surgery, using the recently introduced technique of the Ortho Glide Commonly replaced joints are:

. Knee

. Hip

. Shoulder

. Elbow

Hip Replacement

Hip problems occur from years of wear and tear, disease or injury. It is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. All types of hip replacements are offered in the Indian Hospitals and the surgery is performed with extreme precision to ensure long term durability and individual satisfaction. For younger individuals advanced hip system such as Metal on Metal hip replacement or total hip replacements are available. Both these Surgeries are been proven to reduce the rate of wear and tear which in turn reduces risk of long term loosening and inflammation. For patients who are younger than 65 years of age and with good bone quality these hospitals offer Hip Resurfacing Operation in which only the damaged portion of the hip joint is removed.

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