India in the 21st century is a rising global power and with it the medical facilities in India are rising very fast with a push by government of India and the private hospitals medical facilities in Indi are top notch in comparison to any western hospitals at 10% the cost involved.

Kidney transplants in India are very effective and less costly than any where in the world. . However the govt. policy is very strict regarding such procedures and the patient may need to produce proof of relationship with the donor in case of allograft donation and embassy authorisation on the same if you are an immigrant. But you DO NOT need to worry about all these formalities. We have associations with well-known hospitals with state-of-the-art amenities will ensure a complete supervision from pre-op diagnosis to post-op care to give a fresh lease of life to the last stage renal failure patients.

India Hospitals are well equipped to handle all the possible diagnostic equipments for all ultramodern facilities are actively involved in live donor kidney transplant programme and has an amazing success rate of 100%. Patients are jointly managed by kidney transplant surgeons and nephrologists of international repute. The hospitals have the state of the art ‘renal critical care units’ for post-transplant monitoring & management of cases, fully supported by excellent laboratory, nursing and dietary services to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.