Over the past cosmetic surgery was associated with a single option: going under the surgeon s knife. But as the range of modern treatments continues to grow with significant scientific improvents in all the fields It can be confusing when deciding what to opt for. With today s non-invasive surgery procedures, it is possible to receive a treatment that is less painful and with fewer side effects. India has a reputation as one of the world s leading Medical Tourism destinations for cosmetic surgery and breast implants. Cosmetic surgery & reconstructive surgery includes:

. Rhinoplasty

. Liposuction

. Lower & upper blepharoplasty

. Laser treatmentsers

. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

. Larger breasts (breast augmentation / implants )

. Smaller breasts (breast reduction, breast lifts)

. Hair transplant

. Facelift

. Botox