These treatments focuses on preventing, delaying or decaying of skin by advocating on a proper diet, nutritional therapy, weight reduction plan and exercise. It also involves the use of latest medical technology to examine the condition of the body by measuring levels of antioxidants and hormones.

Anti-aging treatment programs are available at various renowned hospitals and clinics in India. We offer customised treatment packages to suit the needs of individuals at a lower cost . India is known for a range of treatment process, which includes the ancient processes to the modern technology. Instead of advising pills, a holistic practitioner meets and discusses all the different aspects of the patient’s life before any recomendation .

These recommendations are often focused on the integration of a person’s lifestyle, diet, fitness and stress management procedures. Frequent, advices are made to detoxify and cleanse the body through diet, exercise, healthy habits, natural nutritional supplements. Anti-aging treatments includes yoga, meditation, dance and music therapy, or other therapies such as walking therapy. We have associations with many health resorts and wellness retreats, in addition to the renowned hospitals.