Habits That Are Affecting Our Kids’ Dental Health

Children dentists have reported that most of their patients, at such small age, suffer from cavities. According to an international survey, about 19 percent of kids between the age of 2 and 19 suffer from untreated cavities. The care for a child’s dental health should start from day one. It is very important to look after the kids’ dental routine as they are more vulnerable to tooth bacteria. Parents can help their kids fight against oral bad health by looking after their good and bad oral habits.

Here are some oral habits of the kids that parents must look on to:

Brushing their teeth wrong

Brushing twice a day is of no use if the kids do not brush properly. One of the most overlooked factor while brushing is the brushing intensity. Where not brushing hard enough can lead to plaque accumulation, brushing too hard can result in gum and enamel damage.

Sipping on their bottles all day

Kids tend to get addicted to their habits. Once they move on to the bottles, they start carrying it everywhere. They drink water, juice, milk, everything from the bottles. Sipping too much from the bottle prevents their mouth to develop saliva. The absence of saliva doesn’t remove excess sugar from the teeth, hence resulting in tooth decay.

Not spitting toothpaste

Toothpastes contain fluoride, which is known as a natural cavity fighter. But excess of fluoride can give rise to a condition called fluorosis. It is a condition that can create white and brown spots on the kids’ teeth. Toothpaste is a gooey substance, which attracts a lot of kids. But it is important to see that the kids do not swallow it in the process.

Habit of sucking thumb

Sucking of thumb is a common habit amongst the kids and will not cause any damage to the kids. However, they should be refrained from sucking their thumb once the permanent teeth start coming out. Sucking of thumb after that can result in misalignment of teeth, especially the front tooth.

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Just like the thumb, sucking pacifier is a part of their childhood and completely normal and unharmful. But sucking the pacifiers can interfere with normal tooth and jaw development. Too much sucking can also stop the formation of saliva in the mouth which will increase the risk of cavity in the mouth.

Nibbling on nails

Most of the kids have a habit of nibbling their nails. Nibbling of nails is not only bad for the nails but also has the risk of causing stomach infection. Apart from that, it can also cause serious damage to the child’s health. According to Children dentists, nail biting increases the risk of bruxism. This is the habit of unintentional teeth grinding and can lead to facial pain and sensitive teeth.

Too much sugar intake

Sugar drinks are harmful for everyone. The increased sugar intake makes the teeth vulnerable to the bacteria and open for more attacks. But the risk is increased amongst the kids. Small kids should be strictly kept away from the sugary drinks.

Chewing hard food

Lollipops, hard candies, ice are difficult to chew food items. They are hard and could chip a tooth. Too much consumption of such items can weaken the children’s teeth over the time, making them fall before the time.