Knowing The Utility Of Laboratory Apparatus

Laboratory is a place where scientific experiments are conducted. The conduction of experiments provider the researcher with some results or observation and by studying the observation inferences are drawn. According to the branch of science the type of laboratory equipment used might vary but there is a staple list of gears in all laboratories which are variously used for different purposes.

The function of equipments present in a laboratory

The prime function of all laboratory apparatuses is to facilitate the process of research and observation. For conducting a certain test a set of apparatus is required. This set of things used for conducting the experimental task comprises of the laboratory equipments needed for that research experiment. Hence it can be stated that each and every tool present in the laboratory serves a different purpose but the function of all the equipments is to help the experimenter to gather suitable observational output.

The main types of laboratory equipments

If a person wishes to know what laboratory equipment are used in the laboratory then the best way is to visit a laboratory to physically view all the different things used for experimentation. However a general list of equipments is given below along with the functions of the specific equipment:

  • Microscope: This instrument is used for observing specimens. The specimen to be observed can be magnified for facilitating the detailed observation of the parts of the specimen. Two kinds of microscope are present one is compound microscope and the other is simple microscope. A compound microscope offers higher magnification.
  • Slide: It is a rectangular piece of glass that is used for mounting the specimen so that it can be observed under the microscope.
  • Cover-slip: This is a thin shaped object made of clear plastic. It is usually quite small as it is placed as a covering for the specimen on the slide. This protects the specimen from getting damaged while observation.
  • Petri dish: This is used for keeping specimens and also for forming cultures. If is generally round in shape and made of glass.
  • Test tube: It is a long cylindrical tube made of glass. It is used for testing solutions. There are a variety of test tubes depending upon the specific type of experiment that is to be conducted.
  • Test tube holder: While heating the solution present in the test tube the test tube is held over the flame with the help of a test tube holder.
  • Bunsen burner: It produces a flame and is useful for boiling and heating substances or solutions.
  • Beakers: The beakers are marked and are useful for measuring volume and for storing liquid. Heating liquids can be done by using glass beakers.
  • Thermometer: It is used for measuring the temperature of liquids.
  • Funnel: It is used for pouring liquids inside a container safely by avoiding spillage.

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Apart from the above mentioned objects there are many other tools present in a Lab Equipment which are extremely useful for conducting experiments.