Do not let your kid sip their oral health away

Parent’s Guide to Summer Oral Health

Summer time is all about fun. The kids are home, families are planning their vacations, they are out shopping. They have a whole list of things that they want to try and along with them, even their diet plan is on a vacation. But there is one thing that we simply cannot forget and that is the oral health. Yes, it is a time for relaxation and ‘cutting loose’ as they like to call it but the mouth and its care cannot be neglected. The time is even riskier for the kids. They are the happiest during the vacations. Fancy candy bars, new flavors of ice creams, there is no limit to their sugar intake and their teeth are at a major risk. That is why it is important to see that they stick to the normal oral routine. No matter what time of the year it is or what your schedule is, brushing the teeth two to three times a day and flossing them on a regular basis is essential for the oral health and well being.

Many dental filling cases have been reported where people broke their tooth while partying, or trying to use their tooth as a tool to open bottles or bags. Partying is fun, but you have to keep in mind your well being. Sure dental filling cost is not much and is pretty affordable, but once you get the filling done, it becomes even more difficult and necessary to take care of your teeth.

It is better to keep a check on the oral health than to bear the whole dental filling cost and the headache of the treatments. Here are three simple ways to prevent summertime tooth decay:

Stay on a routine

As said earlier, it would be rather difficult to make then kids follow the routine during the summer time, but it is even more important to make sure that they do. Whether the kids are out late playing in the fields or they are too tired after the day and feel like sleeping, you have to keep it in your diary to check that they never go to their beds without brushing their teeth. And don’t just them be, supervise them and see that they properly brush their teeth before going to sleep.

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Try to avoid too many sugary drinks and snacks

We know that the sun is burning high and your body feels like it is running out of the glucose, you do not start taking too much of sugary items. It’s very common amongst the kids to drink too many sweet drinks, be it lemonade/ fruit drinks. Anything that contains added preservatives must be avoided. If they feel low on energy, try offering them home made juices without any added sugars.

Even for the snacks, do not let them indulge in binge eating while they are sitting at home. Keep their mind occupied and let them eat like they do on any normal days.

Do not skip your dental appointments:

There are many schools that demand a proper health check-up before the re-opening of the school after the summer break. It is a good initiative and helps us find out the changes if any, the kid’s body have developed during their long holidays. When the problem is detected early, it can be treated early and easily. The teeth of the kids are very sensitive and easily exposed to cavities and gum infection. They have to be kept in proper supervision and their oral health has to be taken care of.