Why the Demand for Remote Heart Monitoring Services Is Bound to Soar in the Future?

In this modern world, everyone is busy. They are dependent on many technologies to get solutions. As we know that diseases are spreading very swiftly in the world. Heart diseases are one the major diseases in the world. Due to this disease, death rate is rising day by day. But now technology has overcome on it. There are remote heart monitoring services for the patients.


Remote Heart Monitoring services:

Remote heart monitoring is a way in order to talk important statistics about your cardiac functions. It determines and send instructions to your cardiac physician and nurses in the hospital. Actually, implantable heart tool e.g. Pacemaker works in such a manner which works like a minicomputer, to inform the doctor and nurses and it does not give you trouble to meet your doctor. This may lessen your wide variety of sanatorium or health facility visits and ensure your physician has information approximately your coronary heart.


There are different kind of remote heart monitoring services,


  • Cardiac rhythm monitoring
  • Recording of ECG
  • Calculation of heart rate U Weight
  • Blood glucose
  • Oxygen saturation in heart
  • Heart pumping
  • Blood pressure
  • Breath rate
  • Self-testing feature

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Why the demand of remote heart monitoring systems is increasing?

The demand for heart monitoring services is increasing rapidly day by day. According to statistics of 2017, more than 7 Million people are using remote monitoring systems and it is expected to increase more than 50 Million by 2021. Many developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Japan and other western countries have already adopted remote monitoring systems. It is due to many reasons. Some factors play important role in this regard for example, patient’s health condition, patient’s age, location, financial status and other physical issues. Some patients live in rural areas, so they can not come to hospital daily.


As we know cardiovascular diseases are increasing. There are many patients which need healthcare experts and doctors. But work load pressure is rising rapidly. So, it requires a lot of time to cope with all patients. And there is lack of beds in hospitals. So these are the main issues. But remote heart monitoring services are playing positive role to reduce these issues.


Following are some reasons which has increases demand for remote heart monitoring system.


Shortage of doctors and physicians in rural areas: A large number of people lives in villages and rural areas. Some are illiterate. They have lack of medical facilities. So, they have more heart diseases. There are a few medical workers and doctors in these areas. Moreover many villages don’t have hospitals. So they are totally dependent on remote heart monitoring services. Now they are moving toward it.


They can talk on phone or video call. They tell their heart issues to online doctors. Some patients have heart monitoring devices, they send and receive their daily data. Then according to statistics, doctors recommend them medicines.


Growing popularity of mhealth: Due to increase in chronic heart diseases, aging population and health cost, people are moving towards practicing mobile healthcare services. People install cardiac and heart rate applications. Now smart wrist watches are available in market which monitor heart rates and blood pressure. people use it daily to know about their pulse rate and heartbeat. So these technologies are urging people towards remote heart monitoring services.


Old age patients: As you become older, you lose your physical strength and fitness. Your ability to work reduces. So remote heart monitoring services are blessing for old age patients. Because they cannot go daily or weekly for checkup. They also can’t live in hospitals for life. Some are permanent whole life patients. So they want some easy way. They want to get rid of all kind of issues.


Old age patients get excellent results by using remote heart monitoring services. Because, they have to check their heart rates and signs daily. They check their data in morning and at night before sleep. And cardiac devices transmit data continuously to hospital. Then, their doctors give them plans according to daily stets. Nurses keep eye on their stets.


Emergency conditions: In sudden heart attack or signs before attack, it can help a lot. Doctors can see heart related data So they can give instructions for patients.

New trend in under developed countries: Many countries are in development process. They don’t have proper medical facilities. So they are relying on remote heart monitoring services. They are also connected with foreign doctors and health experts.


Cost effective: Remote heart monitoring systems are very cost effective. But if patients go to hospital, then they have to bear a lot of expenses. Some are poor and from mediocre families. So they can’t afford hospital and doctor fees. They can check themselves at home by using monitoring systems.


Reduce Death rates: Remote heart monitoring services have reduced the death rates in heart patients. It saved the life of many patients. One most important thing is that it tells symptoms and alerts patients before heart attack. So patients can take relevant life saving pills or get emergency treatment.


Mental comfort for patient’s family: Family members of patients feel calm about their love one Because, they know that he is monitored daily by doctors and nurses.


Benefits of Remote heart monitoring services:

Extra Health security: Nurses take care of patients from remote locations. Thus it reduces health risks.

Reduce cost and re-admissions:  Patients have heart emergency kits, which contains devices and pills. It has reduced re-admissions. They don’t need to visit emergency cells. So, patients can save costs.

Long term care: Remote heart monitoring system gives long term care. Patient can know about daily measures, diet and medication. Due to continuous care, patient can get health and fitness very soon.

Easy and independent: It is very convenient for heart patients to manage their illness at home.

There are some Implantable devices which helps in monitoring systems. Manufactures are increasing due to great demand of remote heart monitoring systems.


  • Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)
  • Cardiac Resynchronization therapy (CRT)
  • Pace Makers
  • Implantable cardiac monitors (ICMs)

Author Bio:

Sathya Kumar is the Founder & CEO at Techindia Infoway Pvt Ltd., Chennai. Techindia is Asia’s largest provider of healthcare management solutions for exceptional remote healthcare diagnostics and patient monitoring, with a proven track of high performance for highly regulated healthcare industries and for the patients globally. You can also follow us on Linkedin.